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Deliver personal, one-to-one education, that empowers your customers to make better health decisions and energizes positive health experiences. They’ll feel in control, engaged and confident, and more likely to participate, comply, and stay connected.

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SimplyHealth is simple to launch and manage, and lets you make a difference by focusing on healthy outcomes, not technology. Improve your customer’s perception with quality service that garners trust and collaboration.

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Improved perception, quality and trust.

Drive positive business health with modern technology that lowers costs, improves quality and satisfaction. Make consumer experience a competitive differentiator, and stay relevant and connected to your customers throughout their health journey.

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Why SimplyHealth?


Personalized health education on demand from the most trusted sources


Easily added to existing patient portals and workflows, or used as standalone solution


Reduced complexity  with automated education and relevant digital health recommendations


No lengthy IT integrations, HIPAA compliance checks or complicated deployments


Turn content types & functionality on and off to better suit your provider requirements


Empower positive outcomes by enabling consumers to engage and act on their health

Everything Included

Health Conditions

Coverage of entire medical conditions index with easy to understand descriptions and references.

Video & Rich Media

Engaging and useful visual aids to explain and explore medical concepts, including video and graphics.

Interactive Tools

Comprehensive digital aids to perform assessments, search symptoms and make smart decisions.

Medical Codes

Connects education resources to all popular medical code systems, such as ICD10, SNOMEDCT, HSPCS, CPT.


Tools to understand and prepare for treatments and procedures for most conditions


Know what to expect when diagnosing and gathering data related to each unique condition

Wellness & Prevention

Compelling and relevant education on common ways to stay active, live better and manage personal health

Care Resources

Valuable checklists, white papers and guides to start conversations and manage care.

Care Instructions

Personalizeable and instantly accessible step by step instructions correlated to medical codes and conditions


  • Personalized healthy living content covering news diet & nutrition, fitness and more
  • Digital Health Marketplace delivering personalized recommendations on health app, services and OTC health products

Metrics that matter

Track and gain actionable insights with key experience and success metrics 


Measure new activations of patient education

Personalized health education your consumers need


Measure key personalized engagement metrics

Personalized health living content your consumers want


Track health outcomes and personalized journeys

Personalized solutions that promote healthy populations


Monitoring and success measurement tools out of the box.
Gain visiblity into how your users interact and benefit everyday.

Sample health education and population tracking dashboard for providers

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